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The AstroLab is a 3rd year option of our Physics & Astronomy and Physics degrees in which students undertake projects in observational astronomy using our four telescopes (DRACO2, East-16, Far-East-20 and West-14) on the Physics building roof and our remotely operated 0.5m telescope (pt5m) on La Palma.

Students undertake a variety of projects which range from the tracking of near-earth asteroids, the study of exoplanets, to the measurement of Hubble's constant via the study of supernovae. All projects focus on the dynamical nature of the universe. Since 1993 over 1,000,000 CCD images have been taken on our four undergraduate telescopes for project work. Over 300 different minor planets and comets have been observed.

We have four telescopes. East-16 and West-14 are in the 10' domes on the Physics building roof above the main entrance. DRACO2 (6' dome) and Far-East-20 (15' dome) are located at the east end of the roof. We also have a part share in a 0.5m telescope on La Palma which is queue-scheduled to provide data for student projects.

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 Lab Information

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  Lab Rules and Safety
  How the AstroLab is Run
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  Useful References

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  Moon Rise and Set Times
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2024 Epiphany Term Experiments

Orbits of Near Earth Objects
Orbits of Main-Belt Asteroids
Moons of Uranus
Moons of Jupiter
The Period-Luminosity Relation of Cepheids
Orbits of Trojan Asteroids
Asteroid Light Curve
Exoplanets from Transit Light Curves
A Study of a Pulsating Variable
A Study of an Eclipsing Variable
Supernovae Monitoring and Discovery

Projects not running this term

Moons of Saturn
Orbits and Structure of Comets
Monitoring Tabby's star
Distance to the Hyades

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